Mr. Rick Bagley
Project Manager

Contact Numbers

Office 505-275-9369 x22



Rick Joined the Enterprise team in May of 2008. He is a project manager as well as a designer of telecommunication infrastructure. Rick has been responsible for building the technical capabilities and resources as well as managing all technical personnel. Rick’s expertise is in high-end networking with over 20 years of experience in the computer-networking field. Retired from the Air Force where he received most of my training on networking vendors such as Cisco, 3Com, Cabletron. Rick has gained expertise in LANs and WANs and designed solutions for Ethernet, FDDI, ATM, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet. He has a complete understanding of routing and switching protocols and have trained individuals and groups on all facets of networking. He is certified in cable infrastructure, both copper and fiber optic cable, and networking hardware vendors such as Cisco and 3Com, and has gained expertise and achieved success with spread spectrum wireless connectivity and firewall/security implementations.